Our Process

Every project we take on is unique and requires its own custom plan to ensure we achieve the outcome you want, but as a general guide as to the process we follow to take your Classic Car from where it is when it drives into our workshop, to the restored masterpiece when it drives out, is as follows.

Appointment, Discussion and Schedule

Firstly, an inspection of your vehicle can be undertaken by appointment in the Brisbane and Sydney areas. We will discuss your project in detail, including levels of finish and estimated expense. A detailed plan will be presented to you, breaking the project down into easily managed steps and incremental payments.

Deposit, Dismantle and Report

Secondly, once agreed, a deposit will be paid, and the vehicle transported to our workshop in Inverell. The vehicle will be dismantled and inspected and work commenced. Throughout the whole process we know you’ll be keen for information on progress and so a detailed photographic history of the work will be provided. In addition, a summary of the work will be provided to you each week, in order that you are fully informed of progress.

Prime, Paint and Panels

Thirdly, the vehicle is then prepared for paint with priming, panels prepared, and a test coat of paint applied. The panels are then test fitted to the car to check for alignment and gapping and preparation commenced for the application of the final colour. Once the final paint has been applied, the final assembly process can begin.

Trim, Tune and Drive!

Next, our Trimming partners can also assist in the finishing of the interior of the car to your desired standard. Finally, we can provide a full engine and drivetrain restoration service.

Ready to get your restoration on the move?

Give us a call and we can talk through what’s best for your project